Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Vintage Christmas

Ok so now that it is September (and past my birthday) I start dreaming of Christmas :) That's right the holidays already. My latest idea is for a very unique Christmas family photo shoot! Here is the idea:

1. Buy Vintage Christmas wrapping paper
2. Painters tape in corresponding color (black. blue, red, gray etc.)
3. Tape wrapping paper up to a wall of any building with full shade
4. Pose in front of vintage wrap for family photos (we use a tripod and timer)

RESULT: a super cool background for your family photo shoot

The best part, is that you could take this photo in the Fall before it gets too cold out and then you will be ahead of schedule for your Christmas cards. Every year I make a list of people in October, print them in November, address them over Thanksgiving break and send them in the mail the 1st of December! Then you sit back and relax. Well not really- then its on to shopping :)

I've included some vintage wrap I like from